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    The UnionActive website system is the ultimate tool for Union organizations to maintain a professional web presence with up-to-the minute information and powerful membership communication tools. Thousands of Union locals use UnionActive on a daily basis for essential buisness. Best of all it's 100% Union Made! Find out more...



    Member Tools

    Mobile Apps

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    Sample UnionActive Sites
    Extensive Communication Tools and Messaging Systems

    UnionActive features an extensive array of communication tools including email and text message broadcasting, message boards, blogs, and more.

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    * Text Message Broadcasting


    * Member Message Boards

    * Editor Blogs

    * Email and Web Messaging

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    Highly Secure Members Only Features and Content

    The UnionActive system features integrated members only access and the ability to provide content that is secured from public access.

    With powerful permission tools you can control exactly who has access to various parts of the website.

    * Secure Members Only Access

    * Integrated Resource Groups

    * Role Based Permissions and Granular Access Controls

    * Secure Executive Board Only Area

    * Extensive Membership Database Management Tools

    Powerful Website Content Management Tools

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    Making changes to the website is as easy as logging into the website and clicking a few buttons.

    * Extensive content management controls and features

    * Publish and edit content on the fly

    * Easily keep your website updated and current

    * Allow multiple editors with specific editing access

    * Make changes from any computer or location

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    Network UnionActive Websites For Even More Power

    The true power of UnionActive is the ability to network UnionActive based websites together, forming an even larger communication network.

    * Send broadcast emails to every registered member
    in the network of websites

    * Download a database of all registered network website members

    * Display news feeds that contain current news
    from all websites in the network

    * View websites in the network

    * Special discount pricing for websites that join your network
    (up to 50% off the setup prices!)

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    Video on Demand Streaming

    The UnionActive system includes integrated video on demand (VOD) streaming and live webcasting.

    With VOD you can upload videos to our media servers and stream them from the website.

    * Integrated Streaming Video On Demand

    * Upload and Stream Large Video Files

    * Provide Members Only Video Access

    * Embed Videos Anywhere in the Site

    Find out more about Video on Demand

    Request a full demonstration of the UnionActive system and try it yourself!
    Responsive Design Templates Available!

    Member Database Manager

    Make your membership data, volunteer roster, or any organizing effort more efficient with our online database manager.

    With our Member Database Builder, you can setup hundreds of your own custom database fields and categories and manage the data securely from any location. Perfect for managing any user database for memberships, volunteering activities, organizing events, survey reporting, or any office data tracking.
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    UnionActive Mobile Apps

    Engage more members with a custom mobile app for your Union organization.

    Group Management and Messaging
    Social Media Integration
    Shift Trades
    Integrated Member Login

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    Looking for a mobile app for your next project? Contact us for custom quotes on native mobile app development.

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    Your job is hard enough. We believe that fundraising and collecting donations should be effortless. Unions-America has created a way for you to easily, safely, and transparently collect money for your union by partnering with Unionly, an online donations and dues collection platform.

    Simple & Effective Fundraising

    We know you need a solution that just works, so we built just that.

    Easy to Use

    Spend minutes, not hours. Our technology does the work for you.

    Upfront & Affordable

    Pay a small fee for Unionly's services, and you donors and members cover their reasonable transactional costs.
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  •   Mobile Apps  
    Custom Union Made Mobile Apps. Learn more.
  • 立马加速器 GrievTrac  

    Online Grievance Database Tracking System. Learn more.
  •   Member SYNC  

    Synchronize website database with your membership data. Learn more.
  •   Member Database Builder  

    Powerful member database manager in the cloud. Learn more.
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